Hey Guys,

2022 is our year of growth.  In 2022, we are going to be out before thousands of people.  I am already scheduled to speak at multiple conferences & churches and we now have a event booth where there will be a 32″ video screen showing a loop video of testimonies.

I need your help!  I need you to video your testimony.  This is a simple process.  Simply turn you cell phone video on and start talking.  Then email it to me and it will go into the loop video.  (Email because you can send larger files) (Loop video is a video that plays constantly starting over when it ends)

Here are a few questions that you might answer:

How long have you had your addiction?
What got you started in your addiction?
How was your addiction effecting your life?
Did it cause your family pain?
Was it a secret sin or did people know?
What did you do in the past to change?
When did you join RW?
What has God done for you with RW?
What would you say to anyone with this addiction?

Be creative with this!

I don’t care where you do the video.  I don’t care what the background is.  But be creative.  Maybe you are:
On the tractor, At work, At a desk, On the beach, At the gym, In your car, Out for a walk, In Camo, In shorts, In a suit, just BE CREATIVE!  We don’t need everything looking the same!

I’m looking for a chest & face video.  Don’t worry if it goes 2-3 minutes long.  If you start and say something wrong, or goof up, just start over, but you can send the entire file.  We have a professional video company that is going to edit it all.

Will you help?

Deadline: January 13th
(my spiritual birthday)


email to: danielglasco@yahoo.com